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Donald Driver Holy Diver Lyrics

In a way, he might be saying we never stop growing or becoming more understanding. Personally instead of making a decision or working to solve a problem, I often find myself falling asleep and hoping that the next day everything will turn out alright.

Dio - Holy Diver Lyrics

Album Holy Diver 1983

About the meaning of the song. It also refers to the night time that our character is walking through in the song.

Album Holy Diver 1983

Lyrics Forum Tablatures Links Feedback. Also, good people may not always be the ones who are prettiest on the outside. But who is to say that the moster is not a priest and the priest is not a monster.

You think of a sword or a shield, hard enough to stop any enemy. He has all his talent, all the wisdom, and all his hidden strength and reservation of judgment to rest upon.

Tbh, I don't think God likes abusive religion either. All the souls of the fallen that will but believe in him can now be saved from Adam until now. Here, velvet lies are the things we're comfortable with believing out of convenience or comfort we wallow in instead of owning up to our mistakes and anxieties.


This is telling us not to judge a book by it's cover. Jump on the tiger You can feel his heart but you know he's mean Some light can never be seen Jumping on the tiger is obvious, we use our inner strength finally and the fear is over.

Pretty simple, and nothing to do with Christian garbage. You need to look at more than what the package is, you need to look inside. It might be that Ronnie is singing to us because he feels some distress about the choices he's made in the past. On the album you can see a priest who is bond in chain about t drown and you can see a monster holding a broken piece of chain sugesting that he killed the priest.

Dio - Holy Diver Lyrics

This is what this reminds me of. This echos the previous statement, but people like Ronnie who are aware of symbolism are reminded that spinning wheels represent understanding and wisdom. The law will never die because Jesus has finally fulfilled the law, allowing us to have eternal life with God through him. His intentions are not clear. Not yet, but they are now.

Dio - Holy Diver Lyrics

He didn't, he played the part of the masquerade fooling Satan allowing himself to fulfill the law and save mankind. Bad people don't always look bad, many times they look normal. Why would we not need to look so afraid? The resurrection of Jesus Christ and all the souls who believe in him.

We have to be strong and choose our allies by their character and despite what would seem like their flaws when we have a challenge to overcome. Dio himself has already stated that it simply means to not judge a book by its cover. Satan has been fooled, he thought he had won when he had Jesus crucified, in fact he has sealed his own fate. Quoted from ronniejamesdio.

Jesus is here to claim what's his. The truth is that you are a Christian and you want others to believe as you do, so you come up with something like this to lure people in. And I thought I was hitting on something! The tiger's ferocity seems terrifying right?

Donald driver holy diver lyrics

Holy Diver is found on the album Holy Diver. We do not have any tags for Holy Diver lyrics. Obviously our character the holy diver is running, cobra digital dc150 driver but this makes me think of sleep. Why would someone who wasn't even a Christian write such religiously profound lyrics into a song? All lyrics are property and copyright of their respective owners and are provided for educational purposes only.

The cover of the album hightlights that - Dio has said many times, why is a devil drowning a priest? Which really pissed off dio.

We never lose our destiny. He was humiliated, mocked, beaten, and crucified when in reality he was God in the flesh, the lion, and could have called down the wrath of the heavens on his enemies. Some light can never be seen? He was raised Catholic and was very interested in spiritual things.

Life's a never ending wheel. We can do whatever it takes to go on living.

This light is inside of us. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. The truth that's hard as steel makes you think of a sword. He feels like a friend but you know to anyone else he would be an inescapable horror.

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