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When moving the media to the left or right be sure to move the roll as required to ensure that no slack develops in the media. To use the media stored in the Media Roll Holder, you must. Assemble the Stand on a secure, flat surface. Confirm the pen is mounted on the carriage.

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The jaggedness is caused by an excessive number of line segments for small characters. Connect power cord to the plotter. Whenever as possible, use sheet media of rectangular shape.

Install the remaining Basket Tube thru the bottom two holes of the Tube Brackets rear and front. This ensures the accurate cutting of the computer data. Place the media so that its edges align with the grit rollers. Thank you all very much for your help.

So all you should need to do is set your comm port up correctly and then the software should be able to talk to it. Keep your hands, hair, clothing and other objects out of the vicinity of the pen carriage, grit rollers and loaded media.

The self test pattern is repeatedly printed until the plotter is turned off. After setting the necessary items, turn off the plotter regardless of the menu being displayed. Lesen Sie den mit diesem Symbol markierten Absatz besonders aufmerksam.

At the joints of each line segment, the plotter stops cutting and very quickly rotates the blade tip. Then reset the copy function again. To avoid injury, do not touch the pen tip after the plotter is turned on.

However, automatically running setup can be unchecked at the time of extracting the driver file. Depending on the environment that you are using, a Windows printer driver provided by Microsoft may be installed automatically on your computer. If this function is enabled, the plotter begins feeding as soon as initializing finishes. Point the tip of holder A downward. Normally, you can access these functions through the menu however, some functions have quick keys on the control panel to provide fast access to these menus.

During initialization, the pen carriage moves right until it detects the mechanical home position. While keeping tension on the vinyl, adjust the edges of the vinyl so that both edges match accurately. Check the cutter blade you are going to use and its appropriate cutter offset value against the table below. Use the yellow markings to locate the grit rollers. Confirm pen is mounted on the carriage.

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Where the power cord is connected. Cutter blades are used with this plotter.

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Load the Media a Place the roll of media on the media stocker. While holding the pen holder upward, push the pouncing tool all the way into the holder until its rim contacts the pen stopper. Benutzen Sie diese Messer vorsichtig, um Verletzungen zu vermeiden.

The cut area is automatically determined by the position of the pinch rollers when the plotter is initialized. The blade offset Raise the blade offset Setting Cutter angle is too low. When moving the media to the left or right be sure to move the pinch rollers as required to hold down the media within the appropriate range.

Graphtec FC driver - DriverDouble

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The starting and end Coordinate points are Check the coordinate points of cutting do incorrectly specified. The moving speed of the pen carriage can be controlled in two levels by changing pressure applied to the position keys. Use two people to pick up the plotter.

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Contact your sales representative or nearest Graphtec dealer. If any accessory is missing, e260 sansa driver contact your sales representative or the nearest Graphtec dealer. Do you actually need a driver?