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LifeCam leaves a folder behind after the uninstall Then I would try reinstalling. It will uninstall left over entries.

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They will want the number off the tag. They may even get you approve some sort of take over software.

Any suggestons on how to resolve this issue? Did you or anyone else responding to this message ever get this issue resolved?

To reinstall LifeCam software, you must first uninstall the lifeCam software from your computer. Color is there and video looks great. Did you try uninstalling, rebooting, then reinstalling? Something isn't allowing the program to start up. Someone here in this forum already told us this could be the cause.

As for me my problem is strange indeed. This works great for my vx!

Thank you very much for letting me know! Hi Bob, Welcome to the Microsoft Community. To stop recording, press the same icon the icon will have a red square with a blue background during recording. Oueta, thank you so much for your efforts. Thank you so much for this useful information and help.

What ever is best for their financial pocket. We went to Live Messenger and it worked fine. They don't know when a fix is going to be available.

However, according to the Windows Vista updates, my computer is up to date with all suggested updates installed. So I run ito the other room and answer the rining computer message. But is there anyway to adjust camera settings anymore? So I answer the message, and now everything is fine?

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They started to experience other computer issues so they reformatted the computer. Sometimes the window will open but all I get is the hour-glass icon which never stops. In short, I do not believe that the Microsoft Windows team even takes into account any of its other partnered Microsoft operations teams.

Note that if you unistall it, you will have to go to the LifeCam folder and delete everything. Brought to you by Techwalla. Haven't tried it for audio yet.

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Did this solve your problem? For communicating with friends, family and co-workers in real time using a computer, it's tough to beat the ease and convenience of a Webcam. Based on your description, the webcam works with Yahoo Messenger.

Microsoft Lifecam Vx Driver Download

You guys are out of control. My webcam has a strange issue where if I leave it plugged into the laptop when I start the computer, the webcam is not seen by the computer at all. Worked a treat the second time.

This is how you lose customers for a lifetime. But what is this software for? Yes, and the problem is not solved same issue again the setup is not finished is interupt before is completed. Thank you very much for your suggestion. Have you ever tried Windows Live Messenger?

Sure hope that some one can help me! He was having problems installing it so he called me.

And did a fresh full install. What can i do to fixe that problem? Your instructions worked like a charm. It hasn't worked since the day I bought it.

Microsoft has never understood this. Irene, Which version of windows are you running? It seems kinda seems useless.

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In all cases, we can share video except obviously my father but he can view us but no one can get the audio to work so we wind up having to type our conversations. This is what drives me nuts about Microsoft. It's harmless and it'll make your go away, freeing up adresses for new devices. Microsoft seem to be dragging their heels over this issue.

That will help you more effectively get an answer and confirm if the webcam is damaged. Follow the below methods and check if it helps. Hi Chin, Thank you for posting in Microsoft Community. Instead of promoting it as an all purpose webcam? Both of the LifeCam dropdown menus are useless to us.

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Is the change from bit to bit blocking the installation? As for the new version of Skype, it is my opinion that it is not very user friendly, regardless of what Microsoft has to say. From there they will direct you to someone who works with these webcams all the time.

How do i fixe the uploading of the drivers in het system they are allready there! No real help offered, and certainly no link to useful drivers as there is here. Try to install the drivers in the compatibility mode and check if it helps. Now, network adapter driver updater it doesn't work at all. It seems that the driver for your video card is quite legacy.